Your duties: Pollute as little as possible, use green energy, use public transport, use your bike. Do not waste water. Eat healthy, buy biological food. Respect the rights of the others by Being an example for society. Make peace and love, not war. Adopt an animal. Recycle 100 % of your waste. Do not work more than 6 hours per day. [1] Problem poor and rich: it would not be fair to shove all people over the same comb, because prices vary from countries and regions. The amount, which shall be received, must therefore be adapted to living standards, but it must support developing countries more than rich industrialized countries. [2] Only one property per adult, 2 per family. [3] The vehicles are personal, non-transferable and not salable. Only 1 vehicle per adult, 2 per family. The vehicles must be equipped with hybrid or electric drive. [4] Only environmentally friendly ship and plane voyages possible.
If all people of this planet take part, it ends up a sum of € 144 trillions per year. No man, no government, no organization and no company has so much money. But you can create it in the computer. What´s wrong with that? Money is money, as long as it is not stained with blood, can be seen in black and white on the bank statement and you can spend it. In the monthly drawing up to 10 million persons per world region receive the sum of 1 million [1], which shall be divided in 3 parts: • One third for real estate. [2] Accommodation and food are usually the biggest concern when money is lacking. • The second third is for cars and travel. [3] [4] Everyone wants a good car and who does not want to travel? • The last third is for the pension. All winners over the age of 50 receive an "additional pension" of € 1,000 per month. Payday depends on common agreement. The sooner, the better. It could be this week or next month, in half a year ... In order to take part, please fill in your details: male / female: Name: Date of birth: Nationality: ID-number: Place of recidence: E-mail: Telephone:
Win A Million For Being Good