Most Important
Forget your political, economic, social, religious and sexual ideas and habits for a moment.  Why? There are dark clouds on the horizon: in Africa they die, because they have nothing to eat, in America and Europe they die, because they eat too much fat, violence against women, genetically modified food, factory farming, too many Chinese and Indians. WARS, floods, droughts and forest fires, traffic accidents, child labor, poorly paid work, globalization, modernization, automation, rationalization, unemployment, poverty, religious fanatics, terrorists of all kinds, environmental disasters, climate change, garbage scandals, corrupt politicians, violence against animals, murder and manslaughter, prostitution, drugs, economic crises, stress at work, queues, traffic jams, disrespectful young people, etc. All of these are unnecessary problems. Solvable problems. That is exactly why you should put your prejudices aside and listen carefully. Why? The differences between humans are so great that we need new ways of thinking to promote a behavior that allows future generations to live a "balanced" wealth for all inhabitants of these planets in peace. Hundreds of languages, different cultures, religions and traditions, skin and hair colors, poor and rich and those in between. Many live in the city, others in the country and some in the Stone Age; some live in the 19th, most in the 21st and a few even in the 23rd century. The problem is to find a way so that EVERYONE can benefit. That is exactly why you should put your prejudices aside and listen carefully. Why? If we change our society just a little bit, if we only think a little bit more about the common good, about a somewhat more peaceful coexistence, economic cooperation instead of competition, then unprecedented possibilities open up. Admittedly, this may seem utopian to many, but it is not. Let's take a quick look at a past that wasn't too long ago: books, cars, electricity, films, non-working weekends, citrus fruits, social security, plastics, washing machines, paid holidays, contraceptives, fast food, computers, planes, the Internet, etc, etc, etc, all of these inventions and achievements of modern times were unknown to the vast majority of the population. Nowadays they are commonplace for us and some are even indispensable for our society. We, the people of the 21st century, have the knowledge and the possibility to realize “peace and prosperity” for all living beings on this planet. That is exactly why you should put your prejudices aside and listen carefully. But then came a bug named Covid-19, a small virus that paralyzed the whole world, which showed that health and life and above all a healthy life are more important than economic growth, that you can't eat money, only can buz food with it, that our huge world suddenly consists only of our apartment and the supermarket. Some say that it is Mother Earth's revenge for how we treat her. The virus is not the problem, but a deficient health system and poor resistance of the population due to a wrong lifestyle. We saved in the wrong place. What should we do if another virus shows up next year? Quarantine again? In the long run, the following 10 points are easier and healthier:
I) Clean air to breathe. II.) Water is life. III.) The nutrition of large parts of our society is unhealthy.   IV.) The state grants human rights V.) acquired by the people through human responsibilities. VI.) ACTIVE participation in the promotion of world peace and the fight against war and terrorism. VII.) Animal welfare VIII.) Environmental protection IX.) Population X,) Money moves the world, makes it round.
Do you still think, that is is easy to get this «free» money?
1.) Without air, people die after only 5 minutes. If you want to live, you should breathe, if you want to live healthy, you should breathe clean air, you MUST force industry and transport not to pollute it. + Promotion of CO2 neutral energies (geo, wind, sun, water) + Promotion of (electric) local and long-distance public transport + Increase research into fusion energy • From 2025 only hybrid vehicles may be manufactured • from 2030 only electric vehicles may be manufactured - CO2 levy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: - Reduction of individual traffic, anyone driving a car must travel at least 10% of the distance covered by bicycle. (If you don't like it, go on foot, environmental pig!) 2.) Man hardly lives more than 5 days without water. Clean drinking water for everyone. Sewage treatment plants for everyone. Forest fire protection by a sprinkler systems. Collect rainwater. 3.) Without food, you die after about 5 weeks. Many people eat unhealthily: too much, too fat, too salty and, above all, too much meat. The World Health Organization recommends a weekly meat consumption of 300 to 600 grams, that is 43 gr per day. Fasting days and / or vegetarian days are beneficial for health. The food traffic light explains with "scientific & reliable information on the subjects of health, allergies, environment, diet, lifestyle, religion and quality of the products." 4.) Justice: it is the job of the judiciary to protect righteous citizens from criminal elements in our society: • The greatest good of every living being is its life. Murderers, i.e. people who deliberately and cold-bloodedly take the lives of others, gamble away their right to freedom and are therefore imprisoned for life in solitary confinement (2m x 2m). • The penis and testicles are removed from rapists and child molesters. • Thieves have their hands chopped off. This also includes corruption. • Arsonists are chopped off both hands. Who plays with fire…. • Protection of minors: Of course, young people have to be protected from external danger, but also from themselves. Who is old enough to drink alcohol, smoke, have sex, steal, bully, etc., is old enough like an adult to be punished. • Protection of the elderly: The penalty increases by a factor of 3 if the victim is older than 50 years. 4.) Human rights: • Right to live • Right of physical integrity • Prohibition of torture • Right of freedom, property and security of the person • General freedom of action that can only be restricted by law • Freedom of arbitrary encroachments on privacy (inviolability of the apartment, letter secrecy etc.) • Freedom of speech • Freedom of thought, conscience and religion • Freedom of travel • Freedom of assembly • Freedom of information • Freedom of occupation • Effective judicial legal protection in the event of legal violations • Right to a fair trial before an independent and impartial court with legal judges • Right to be heard • No punishment without a previous law • Presumption of innocence • Right to self-determination • Gender equality • Right to work and fair remuneration • Right to form unions • The right to social security • Protection of families, pregnant women, mothers and children • Right to an adequate standard of living, including adequate food, clothing and housing • Right to the maximum level of physical and mental health that can be achieved • Right to education • Right to participate in cultural life 5.) Human Responsibilities: One of the basic guidelines is to behave peacefully, treat other people kindly, understandingly and be helpful. No human being, no state, no organization, no social group and no state apparatus stands above things or beyond good and evil. Each individual is subject to his conscience, bears the consequences of his actions and should behave in a spirit of brotherhood. This prohibits warfare, violence and terrorism, but does not exclude self-defense in the event of an attack. Nobody should lie, cheat or manipulate their fellow human beings. Hatred, violence and war in the name of a religion, belief or political opinion contradict this statement. Religious communities and authorities that preach hostility, violence, intolerance or even war deserve the loss of their following and reputation. Equality between men and women and partnership in marriage are of great importance. The coexistence of man and woman should be characterized by love, loyalty, durability and respect. Marriage should give the spouses and children security and protection. Nobody should be forced to marry against their will. Sexual exploitation and violence are rejected as reprehensible. Any form of theft, exploitation, fraud, disadvantage and an unjust economic order are considered unjust and inhumane. Everyone should give their property in this way The reverence for life is not limited to human life in this explanation, but includes animals, plants, the ground, water and air. People should ensure that nature and fellow creatures are protected and preserved. No state, no organization, no state apparatus, no religious community, no social group or no individual should violate the human rights of 1948. 6.) Weapons may only be sold in the world region in which they were manufactured. 7.) Every living being, no matter if 0, 2, 4 or more legs, whether arms, wings or fins, whether skin, hair or scales, has the right to a comfortable life and a dignified and painless death. In terms of evolution, humans come from animals, they are our parents and siblings. And how do we treat them? We should be ashamed of ourselves. It is time to pass effective animal welfare laws in spite of all economic interests. 8.) One day a generation will (have to) come, who not only doesn't produce any garbage, but also eliminates the garbage caused to this day on the garbage dumps, who fishes plastic from the oceans ... We recycle the following valuable materials: 1- glass 2- paper 3- plastic and metal 4- biological waste 5- soil, rubble and wood 6- clothes and shoes 7- batteries, cork, waste oil, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, toys 8- electrical devices and pollutants / toxins 9.) We don't need more people in the world, but better ones. A reasonable upper limit is set at 500 million people per world region. Overpopulated regions of the world must comply with a 1-child policy. 10.) The easiest and most effective way to influence many people is money. If you do good, you get it, the other doesn't:   Total amount per world region: € 5,000,000,000,000   Total amount per state: € 5 trillion x number of citizens x PIB per capita / number of citizens of the world region   Deductions: - Air pollution: - greenhouse gas emissions - Meat and fish consumption: - approximation to WHO guideline - Human rights: - human rights violations - Violence - murdered people - Environmental protection: - waste production - Overpopulation: - 1-child policy Goods are taxed according to distance. It makes no ecological sense to send cheap junk around the world just because the wages, social and production costs of the exporting country are slavishly low compared to the importing country. Think globally, act locally. Approval of at least 85% is expected in all matters. If you can't agree, you won't get any money ... No one currently lives on / in the water or in space. The money of the 12th world region is to be used by ALL space organizations as a joint venture project. Miscellaneous: • Car-free weekend every beginning of the month • How much light do we need at night when we sleep? • All countries should provide paid courses in the areas of public security, health care, environmental protection, agriculture • A good citizen is not just a worker, he should have a basic knowledge of the areas mentioned above
the madness behind the killing of animals for food